Anna Simone | VIP Companion
Things to know before our date


  • When contacting me via text or email please be respectful. Do not start your inquiry with any of the following “How Much”” you available” “hey babe” “what you doing” “do you offer this service” etc… you will be ignored or worse blocked. I’m not dressed up waiting by the phone, hence why I implemented a minimum 4 to 24-hour advance notice especially when on scheduled tour.
  • Most importantly be a gentleman, show me respect at all times when in public or private. Please refrain from excessive drinking or drug use while in my company or mention services that I don’t offer during our time together. If during our session you would like to upgrade! I’ll be happy to check my schedule to ensure that I can accommodate your request. If you are running late or you must cancel our appointment, please call, text or email ahead, this way I can make the necessary arrangements with my other clients. Last minute cancellations or no shows will be charged a $500 Non-Transferable Cancellation fee. Failure to pay this fee within 48 hours will result in permanent termination of our relationship. For overnight or vacation engagements! I require 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep time, and at least 2 hours of personal time during the day to conduct business matters. Separate rooms would be greatly appreciated.
  • Great body and oral hygiene is extremely important for me,  I’m always extremely well groomed with superb hygiene. I have regular visits to my dentist and my physician doctor. I expect the same from all my clients, failure to comply will result in permanent termination of our session and all future relationship.  Gentlemen who enjoy  DATY please be mindful if you have a beard my kitty can be very sensitive so please be thoughtful and shave before arriving to your session, I’m also happy to provide fresh disposable razors and shaving cream.  Please be freshly showered, with minty fresh breath or you can shower when you arrive. The same rule applies to my female clients or associates.
  • Pegging,  Prostate, and PSE clients this section applies to you. It’s  very important that you clean your lower rectum before any pegging or prostate massage session, this process is called Anal Douching or Anal Cleansing  and can be easily done by filling a enema bottle  with water (Not Saline) and gently insert the tip inside your rectum, adding some lubrication or vaseline can help with any discomfort.
  • Upon my arrival you can expect to be warmly welcomed with an inviting smile, big hug & kiss followed by some playful banter to lighten the mood. My upscale incall  is equipped with numerous  amenities including  large clean shower, bath robe ,disposable bath slippers a fully stocked bar, 4k porn movies, mood lighting plus soft relaxing music to set the tone for a perfect moment or an entire evening.
  • Your safety is very extremely important and my Milking  table and Nuru bed are sanitize and cleaned rigorously  after each session, disposable table sheets and disposable face covers are used during each session plus a table warmer that you can adjust  to make your experience unforgettable
  • Gentlemen, if my prices overwhelm you then there is no need for rude text or emails! Just move on to more budget fitting service. A gentleman looking to buy a Ferrari, won’t wander into a Hyundai show room. Only a refined gentleman with exquisite style, class and taste can truly enjoy my services. Be kind and remember Karma knows Kindness!
  • Last but not least! Gentlemen please do not ask me to go out on a date, have drinks or go out to a movie or move into your house, without compensating me for my time. Even if you marry me I would still need our attorneys to draft a legal agreement for my monthly allowance. I have to be maintained according to the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed! If you really care for me we can have you set up an Irrevocable trust, after all let’s not forget how we met! These offers on a less than perfect day will be taken as a plain insult. You must realize and keep in mind that, although I love spending time with you and we have chemistry, it still doesn’t change the fact that this is a business that I am running, I’m sure you charge your clients even though you adore them, don’t you?

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