Anna Simone | VIP Companion

Canada Tour Packages

These donations are applicable when I am on a schedule tour in Canada.
(All donations are in local currency.)

*Use currency conversion link below

A Minimum $150 CAD deposit is required for 1-3 hour packages. Deposits can be made once  you’ve my completed my screening process. 

When in Canada deposits can be paid via  Paypal, Bitcoin or EMS. (Montreal*Toronto*Vancouver *Alberta)

  • 1 Hour GFE Bliss $1000 CAD( In)
  • 1 Hour Greek Adventure $1,200 CAD (In)
  • 90 Minute GFE Bliss $1,400 CAD (In)$1,600(Out)
  • 90 Minute Nuru & Tantric Massage $900 CAD
  • 90 PSE & GFE Delight $1,700 CAD
  • 2 Hour GFE Fantasy Deluxe $1,700 CAD
  • 2 Hour Greek & GFE Delight $2,400 CAD
  • 3 Hour Fantasy Fetish W/ PSE & GFE $4,000 CAD
  • 4 Hour Dinner + Dessert ( GFE) $ 3,400 CAD
  • 12 Hour Overnight Treat $6,000 CAD


  • 2 Hour Erotic Slippery Nuru + GFE $1,700(PSE +$500)
  • 2 Hour Mind Blowing PSE & GFE Deluxe $2,000
  • 2 Hour Milking Table & GFE Deluxe $1,700
  • 2 Hour Greek/PSE + Nuru or Milking Table $2,400
  • 2.5 Hour GFE/Greek + Milking Table + Nuru $2600
  • 2 Hour Fetish/PSE (Inquire)
  • 3 Hour GFE Delight $2,000 (In) $2,200 (Out)
  • 3 Hour Pure GFE + Around The World Milking Table $2800
  • 3 Hour Pure Fetish & PSE Adventure $3,500 (Golden Shower + $500)
  • 4 Hour Dinner + Dessert $3,500
  • 6 Hour Fetish/PSE/Milking Table $4,500
  • Overnight or All Day Adventure $6,000


  • 60 Min Slow Tantric -Edging Milk- Table + Come on Breast Ending $650
  • 90 Min Topless Lingam Milk- Table + Tongue Teasing $750
  • 90 Min Tantric/Lingam Edging + Flesh-light Oral Worship Milk-Table $850
  • 90 Min Nude Milk- Table + C-Ring & Sloppy BBBJ $900(2 Hr $1,200)
  • 90 Min Slow- Lingam Edging + Prostate Milking $1000(Strap-On + $100)
  • 90 Min Pre-Mature Ejaculation Training (W/Pocket Pussy/Flesh-light)
  • 90 Min Nude Around The World Oral Bliss (Includes Everything ) $1,200
  • 2 Hour Around The World Oral ( Deep-Throat,Flesh-light,Sloppy,Ball Sucking,C.I.M, C-Ring,FIV ) $1400(Fav)
  • 3 Hour Erotic Edging & Milking Table Fun $1,900
  • 3 Hour Around The World Milk-Table + GFE/PSE ,C-Ring, Prostate Stimulation Or Pegging $3,000
  • 2 Hour Glory-Hole Milk- Table or Bed Bondage includes( Cock-Tease , Lingam Edging & Cum Denial, Flesh-Light,C-Ring, & Pre-Mature Ejaculation Training $2,000(3 Hour $2,800)
  • 4 Hour Milking Table (Inquire)


Bodyslide & Nuru massages will be performed on either a regular bed, air mattress or futon.

  • 60 Minute Erotic FBSM + Happy Ending $550(Fleshlight $50)
  • 90 Minute Slow- Tantric & Lingam Massage + Happy Ending $650
  • 90 Minute Deep Tissue Body-Rub + Massage Gun $650
  • 60 Minute Erotic Body-Rub + BBBJ Ending $750 (90 Min $850)
  • 90 Minute Lingam/Tantric Edging + Prostate Milking $800
  • 90 Minute Body2Body Massage + DATY + Sloppy- BBBJ Ending $1,000
  • 90 Minute Erotic Nuru & Oral Worship/Deep Throat $850
  • 90 Minute Nuru + Sloppy BBBJ & Flesh-light $1,000
  • 90 Minute Slippery Nuru & GFE Deluxe (W/Female Condom) $1,400
  • 90 Minute Slippery Nuru + PSE/GFE $1,800
  • 2 Hour Slippery Nuru + GFE Deluxe $1,700
  • 2 Hour Nuru +Milk- Table + Oral Worship $1800(+GFE $1900)
  • 2 Hour Slippery Kinky Nuru PSE/GFE $2,300
  • 3 Hour (Inquire)
  • 4 Hour (Inquire)

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